Monthly Association Meeting

Guests and Members are welcome to attend the First Monday of every month. 

Meet at 7:00 pm in the Robertsdale Fire Department.

Contact any of the following beekeepers, if you have unwanted bees on your property.  They are willing to remove swarms.

Daryl Pichoff 251-233-9485  (will cut out of walls)

Mitch Briggs 251-367-5076

Daryll Dooley 251-209-0725

Peter Midgarden 251-945-5319

Thomas Fussell 251-752-0284

Roger Bemis 251-213-0168

Edward Bornholt 251-986-8153

Roy Hyde 251-751-8003

Michael Reinhart 251-459-2330

Brian Dunn 251-550-5117  Will cut out of walls

Beekeepers Helping Beekeepers

Anyone, experienced or novice, that would like assistance working their bees can contact any of the following Baldwin Beekeeper Association members.  These members have volunteered and are ready and willing to help you with your hives.

Daryl Pichoff  251-233-9485

Amy and John Gohres 251-625-1270

Philip Webb 251-404-9505

Gene Hinton 251-580-5188

Roy Hyde 251-751-8003

Chip Bryars 251-845-0336

Roger Bemis 251-213-0168

Bryan Jarvis 251-752-9359

Leslie Lomers 251-751-6095


Beekeepers – Take the Survey!

We recently had the pleasure of hearing Dewey M. Caron, Emeritus Professor University of Delaware and Oregon State University Affiliate Faculty, speak to our group about the dwindling numbers of bees in the United States and the impact of Africanized bees on domestic colonies. The loss levels across the country were very interesting and the history of losses over the years was eye opening. If you’re a beekeeper, whether you have one hive or one thousand hives, you’re invited to take part in the survey at Once you’ve taken the survey you’ll also be able to view the results.

Hello and Welcome from the BCBA!

Hello and thank you for visiting us at, online home of the Baldwin County Beekeeper Association. We’d like to also invite you to join us at one of our regular monthly meetings that are typically held on the first Monday of each month at the Robertsdale Volunteer Fire Department. Check out our calendar of events for more information. You’ll also find some great tips, reports and presentations about keeping bees on our Beekeeping Information page. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment through the form below.

Upcoming Events

April 7th - Regular Monthly Meeting 7PM at the Robertsdale Fire Department. The presentation for this month will be flowering plants and when and how to add a super. If you have any questions or need assistance please call me, Daryl Pichoff at 251-233-9485 April 18th - tentative date for package bee pickup from Mr. Harrell. I will pick the bees up in the morning and bring them to my house. I expect to arrive sometime before 4pm. If you have not paid for your bees we have a waiting list and they will be sold to the next person on the list. Please contact me at 2151-233-9485 if you have any questions, thanks Daryl. May ??, pickup of NUCS will be sometime in May. I will update as soon as that date becomes available.

Board Members

President ~ Daryl Pichoff

Vice President ~Brian Dunn

Secretary/Treasurer ~Daryll Dooley