Backyard Beekeeping Videos

 A video training series

Featuring Dr. Jim Tew and John Grafton

All Content Credit to Ohio State Beekeepers Association


Basic Hive Equipment (7:08)  Spring Management Part 1 (5:35) Assembling Hive Equipment(6:20) Correcting a Cross-Comb Colony (9:16)
Assembling Hive Equipment(6:20) Spring Management Part 2 (6:52) Refurbishing Hive Equipment (5:40) Specialty Beehive Equipment (5:04)
Frame Assembly (8:13) Spring Management Part 3 (5:24) Hiving a Swarm (7:45) (From beneath the screen bottom board)
Branding Wooden Equipment (3:39) Spring Management Part 4 (7:26) (Feeding Bee Hives) Hiving Three Swarms (5:45) (Three swarms found in three different situations)
Protective Equipment (5:32) Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 1 (5:11) (Determining the need for a new queen) Transferring Bees Part 1 (8:34)
Lighting a Smoker (2:26) Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 2 (5:53) (Stabilizing the weakened colony until a queen can be purchased.) Transferring Bees Part 2 (5:30)
Package Bees Part 1 (5:14) (Preparing the hive and the queen) Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 3 (7:44) (Installing the new queen) Moving Two Bee Colonies (8:16)
Package Bees Part 2 (3:07) (Releasing the bees) Evaluating A Queen’s Performance Part 4 (5:45) (Checking the new queen release procedure) Laying Workers Part 1 (7:58) (How to combine it with another colony)
Feeders Part 1 (8:00) A Quick View of a Propolis Forager (2:16) Laying Workers Part 2 (6:03) (Combining a laying worker colony with a queen-right nucleus colony)
Feeders Part 2 (6:09) Water Foragers (3:24) An Introduction to Wintering Biology (3:10)
Spring Bee Flight (2:19) Hive Supers (6:35) Preparing Colonies for Winter (3:53)