Help For Those with Unwanted Bee Swarms

Contact any of the following beekeepers, if you have unwanted bees on your property.  They are willing to remove swarms.

Daryl Pichoff 251-233-9485  (will cut out of walls)

Mitch Briggs 251-367-5076

Daryll Dooley 251-209-0725

Peter Midgarden 251-945-5319

Thomas Fussell 251-752-0284

Roger Bemis 251-213-0168

Edward Bornholt 251-986-8153

Roy Hyde 251-751-8003

Michael Reinhart 251-459-2330

Brian Dunn 251-550-5117  Will cut out of walls

2 Responses to Help For Those with Unwanted Bee Swarms

  • Tom Kelly says:

    We have a swarm that has moved into a hollow opening in a large tree, about two feet above the ground. Would like to remove, but don’t want to kill the bees.

    • Melissa says:

      Do you still have the bees? If you look on our site there are phone numbers for members who will come and remove the bees. Thank you for contacting our association.

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Upcoming Events

April 7th - Regular Monthly Meeting 7PM at the Robertsdale Fire Department. The presentation for this month will be flowering plants and when and how to add a super. If you have any questions or need assistance please call me, Daryl Pichoff at 251-233-9485 April 18th - tentative date for package bee pickup from Mr. Harrell. I will pick the bees up in the morning and bring them to my house. I expect to arrive sometime before 4pm. If you have not paid for your bees we have a waiting list and they will be sold to the next person on the list. Please contact me at 2151-233-9485 if you have any questions, thanks Daryl. May ??, pickup of NUCS will be sometime in May. I will update as soon as that date becomes available.

Board Members

President ~ Daryl Pichoff

Vice President ~Brian Dunn

Secretary/Treasurer ~Daryll Dooley