Monthly Association Meeting

Guests and Members are welcome to attend the First Monday of every month.

Meet at 6.45 pm at the PZK hall, 17933 State Hwy 104 in Robertsdale AL.

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Upcoming Events

May 4th - Regular monthly meeting will be held at a new location. It will be at the PZK hall, 17933 State Hwy 104 in Robertsdale. Starting time will remain at 6:45 May 9th - The 2015 ABA annual picnic will be at Dr. John Hurst's farm at 4165 Co. Rd. 51, Wilsonville, AL. Driving directions are in the April Stinger. There is a map at his website: You may arrive at any time that morning. Due to the recent rain, Dr. Hurst has asked us to park in a designated parking area. The pasture near the pavilion will be too soft. There will be some live music before lunch while everyone is arriving and picking up their orders from the vendors. Rossman Apiaries and Kelley Beekeeping will be there and will bring your orders with little or no shipping. Be sure to place your orders with these vendors right away as their trailers often fill up quickly. > If you have any un-needed, empty 3 lb. packages, Rossman Apiaries will recycle them for you. Please bring them to the picnic. > Be sure that you get a Door Prize ticket at the gate. You must have a ticket to be eligible to win a door prize. > We will eat at noon. The Alabama Beekeepers Association will provide the meat, paper products, and soft drinks. Hal Hendrix will cook the barbecue. Please bring side dishes of salads, vegetables or desserts to go with this. Everyone should bring their own lawn chair. > There will be open hive inspections and demonstrations; so, bring your protective equipment if you wish to participate. > If at all possible, please bring a sample of your honey, preferably in a small plastic container, about 4 ounces of honey will be enough. Your samples should be identified with your name, where the honey was made, and, if you know, the primary floral source. These honey samples will be used at the Alabama Beekeepers Association booth at the Chilton Research Center Farm Home and Wildlife Expo that will be held this year on August 8th. Presenting all these various honey samples is a highlight of this Expo. Non-beekeepers are unaware of different types of honey. A new customer just might find you; so, include your phone number or e-mail address. > Make your plans to attend the annual picnic now. This is your opportunity to pick up supplies, eat, visit, and learn. You might win a door prize.

Board Members

President ~ Daryl Pichoff 251-233-9485

Vice President ~Daryll Dooley 251-422-0863

Secretary/Treasurer ~Elvira Lauzon 251-597-0703